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Top Tips on How to Book a Casa Particular in Cuba

In 1997 the communist government in Cuba began to allow private residents to rent spare rooms in their homes to tourists and visitors from abroad. This was a major shift in policy. Since all hotels, motels and campsites up until … Read More

The Easy Guide to Booking a Casa Particular in Cuba

Booking your accommodation for a holiday can almost bring on an anxiety attack. How big are the rooms? How old are the photos of the hotel? What is the difference between a Junior Presidential Suite and a Junior Prime Ministerial … Read More

9 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Next Trip To Cuba

There are some currency quirks and general money matters that you really need to be aware of when you travel. Sure, you need some of the local currency, but even that might not feel like it’s so important. In many … Read More

casa particular

The Beauty of the Casa Particular: The Only Accommodation You’ll Need in Cuba

Where do you like to stay when you take a vacation? Maybe it’s not a proper vacation for you unless you’re staying in a luxury hotel with 24 hour room service and designer bedsheets with an astronomically high thread count. … Read More

casa particular

5 Reasons to Stay in a Casa Particular

It’s exciting to plan your Cuban holiday and look at all those exotic photos on the internet (which are different to other types of exotic photos that some people look at on the internet). You have no doubt been tempted … Read More