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On request Singles, couples or small groups Private air-conditioned transportation Local english-speaking cuban guide Upgraded casa's and/ or hotels, or luxury resorts. Tailor-made itineraries

Tour introduction

Looking to explore the Havana beyond the tour brochures? Ready to immerse yourself in the atmospheric life of the Cuban capital as well as the island beyond? That’s what Locally Sourced Havana Tours do every day for every visitor. Our expert team has all the local knowledge they need to create perfect Cuba tailor made holidays for you, whatever your interests, time and budget. From family vacations to romantic honeymoon getaways, we build our Cuba tour packages around you! And while a lot of visitors like to focus on the many delights of Havana alone, should you want to head further afield into the Caribbean’s largest island, we are more than capable of designing this part of your vacation too!

Tailored Cuba Tour Packages

At Locally Sourced Havana Tours, Cuba tailor made holidays mean just that. There’s no shoehorning your personal tastes into pre-existing tours. In fact, we take a very different approach – specifically building Cuba tailor made holidays around you from the very first moment you get in contact with us. What does this mean for you and your holiday? It means not only do we create your tour around your personal likes and avoid any dislikes, but you are able to choose your own excursions from start to finish. We also take care to ensure the tour moves at a pace you are happy with, and pick accommodation options that match your expectations. What’s more, we can do this whether you are a solo traveller, on a family vacation, or even part of a smaller or larger group travelling to this wondrous island together. We have previously created unique Cuba tour packages with all manner of interests in mind, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re seeking out a relaxed beach stay, cultural tour of the island, or are looking to brush up on your dance skills, we have the local knowledge and expertise we need to ensure a tailor made Cuba vacation you will never forget!

Private Local Guides

All our English-speaking guides are enthusiastic champions of their homeland. Being a local guide means they can offer an insight into Havana and beyond that can’t be got from a guidebook. Being a private guide means their time is entirely dedicated to you and you alone. They will use their extensive knowledge to bring the sights and sounds of Cuba to life, showing you those hidden gems only the locals know, and of course be there to answer the many questions you undoubtedly will have.

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Comfortable accommodation is as important a part of any Cuba tailor made holidays as the personalised itinerary or friendly local guide. We take advantage of three different types of accommodation option for our Cuba tour packages to ensure a best fit with your specific vacation requirements. This means you have the choice of staying in some of the country’s iconic classic hotels, the more-modern all-inclusive resorts that dot much of the island’s best coastal reaches, and the newer but already much-loved casas particulares. Being Cuba tailor made holidays, the choice is of course yours and yours alone! All you need to do is let us know your preferences, and we will do the rest! But if you aren’t quite sure what the best accommodation option might be for you, or the differences between each type of accommodation offering, here is a short outline. Cuba offers many hotel options to its visitors, especially in the main city centers. From the iconic, luxurious and boutique to the intimate, cheerful and unique, there is no shortage of great hotel options to consider. On a Cuba tailor made holiday, we can provide recommendations and book the hotels that will allow you to have the best experience possible on any budget. Found around Cuba’s most popular beaches, such as the long stretch of sand on the Varadero peninsula, the island’s all-inclusive resorts mean you have nothing more to worry about, with swimming pools, dining and water sports all accounted for. Casas particulares (Casa’s), however, soon become a favourite part of any Cuba tailor made holidays for many. These bed and breakfast style establishments have only been in operation for a short period, and provide a real insight into the life of everyday Cubans, since they are often run by individual families. Bespoke spaces offering just a handful of rooms, the owners go to a huge amount of effort to ensure their guests are comfortable in their homes, with personal attention that is simply impossible in the larger hotels or all-inclusive resorts. Our Cuba tailor made holidays classify Casa’s into three categories: Standard, Upgraded and Superior. All of the Casa’s we work with are hand selected to cater to different travellers and their unique requirements. The Casa’s we work are most often recently decorated spaces with air-conditioning and private en suite bathroom facilities with hot and cold running water, while still maintaining the personal touch which made you want to stay in a casa to begin with. You can learn more about the Casa experience by following the links below:

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Private air-conditioned transportation

The wonderful casas you may decide upon are not the only things on our Cuba tailor made holidays that offer you the bonus of air-conditioning. Our Cuba tour packages include all your transportation needs, whether that’s an internal flight to get you from one end of the country to the other, minivan transfers, or a ride in one of the country’s famed vintage American-made taxis. When minivan transfers are required, you can rest assured a private vehicle will be waiting your arrival, meaning you won’t have to tackle Cuba’s sweaty and crowded bus network. Your private vehicle will also have air-conditioning, so that even on the most humid of days you can stay relaxed and fresh. Like any capital, Havana suffers from tailbacks and traffic jams at certain times of day, and on occasion journeys may take longer than they should on paper. Needless to say, we will do all we can to avoid this adversely affecting your Cuba tailor made holidays, and will always ensure you have plenty of time to reach the airport for internal or international flights.

Also bear in mind that Cuba is a large island, and much larger than some first-time visitors imagine, stretching almost 800 miles from west to east. Even on a tailor made itinerary, it can therefore be difficult to visit the entire island, so if you’re looking to head out from Havana for a couple of days, try and avoid the desire to see and experience too much. Our expert trip planners will be able to guide you through what’s possible, and you can check out a drive times map here. Should you fall in love with Cuba like we think you will, you can always plan another Cuba holiday with us as soon as you return home!

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Designing the perfect Cuba tailor made holidays

Like what you’ve read so far? Want to know the next step in designing and booking your Cuba tailor made holidays? It’s really very simple! All you need to do to get the ball rolling is fill out our detailed online Cuba tailor made holidays enquiry form and one of our team of Cuba travel experts will get to work creating the perfectly draft itinerary for you.

When completing the short online enquiry form we ask that you consider the following questions. This will help our team members create an itinerary that is truly personal and unique to you and your interests, time and budget:

  • What is the approximate date you plan to arrive in Cuba?
  • How long would you like your Cuba tour package to last?
  • Are there specific activities or excursions you would like to include while in Havana?
  • Are there any other specific destinations in Cuba you would definitely like to visit?
  • What is the rough budget for your Cuba vacation?

The answers to these questions and the other questions on the form will allow our team to put together an itinerary that matches the sort of Cuba vacation you are looking for and will help prevent them suggesting ideas that don’t interest you. A free text box can be found at the end of the form for any extra information you can provide for what you are looking for – the more information you can provide now, the better!

This is an entirely consultative process, and we will consult you at every opportunity, from choosing excursions to booking accommodation. Also remember that our team are not only on hand during the planning of your vacation, but also in the run up to it, with our English-speaking guide ready to meet you on your arrival in the country too!

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