Mojito Making Class

Mojito Making Lesson

Mojito Making Lesson On Roof-top in Old Havana Approximately 40 Minutes Flexibility with Group Size and Start Time

Mojito Making Lesson

Our Mojito Making Lesson in Havana

Learn the secrets to creating the perfect Cuban mojito rum cocktail during your very own mojito making lesson. With a flexible start time, this session is the ideal way to make the most of your time in the Cuban capital by filling up otherwise potentially lost time with a fun – and very tasty – activity. What’s more, our mojito making classes take place on the rooftop of a casa particular in Old Havana which offers excellent rooftop views across the ancient and UNESCO-listed part of the capital.

About our Mojito Making Lesson

Making the perfect mojito needs more than simply mixing together the listed ingredients in a cocktail shaker and pouring the resulting mixture into a glass over ice. One of Cuba’s three signature cocktails (along with the daiquiri and Cuba Libre or Cubata), it takes skill to create the drink. From the rooftop of a casa particular bed and breakfast-style accommodation option in Old Havana, an English-speaking bartender will provide you with all the instruction required to make your friends very jealous when you return home. They will detail the quantities and qualities of the cocktail’s ingredients – from its white rum to its sugar, lime, and fresh mint – so that you can then create an authentic tasting mojito for yourself, not just in Cuba, but back home too.


Our Havana Mojito Making Lesson can start at a time that is convenient to you.


This activity will last for approximately 30-40 minutes


Meet at the roof-top of a Casa Particular in Old Havana


Services of a private English-speaking bar tender + Mojito Making Lesson on roof-top in Old Havana (includes 2 x drinks)


Two Mojitos are included as part of the lesson


We are happy to accommodate singles, couples and groups.


Our Havana Mojito Making Lesson is available to book daily


International flights - all lunches and dinners (unless specified) - travel insurance - accommodation - visa & passport costs - drinks (unless specified) - tips - optional activities - airport taxes.

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Our Mojito Making Lesson Highlights

A destination such as Havana is more than just a series of sights to tick off or include on your Facebook profile. The Cuban capital is as much about the sounds, smells, and tastes of the city as it is the impressive array of historic monuments the city boasts. So, here are the highlights you’ll enjoy as part of our mojito making lesson.

⭐ Take advantage of the flexible start time of our mojito making lesson to make the most of every moment you have in Havana.

⭐ Receive the expert guidance of an English-speaking local bartender, who will show you every step in the process of making the perfect mojito.

⭐ Enjoy the views of the UNESCO-listed Old Havana area of the capital from the rooftop location of the casa particular where the lesson takes place.

⭐ Make your own – hopefully – top-rated mojito having first watched the local masters at work with all the ingredients you’ll need ready supplied.

⭐ Celebrate your success in mojito making with the two drinks included as part of your lesson.

Mojito Making Lesson Itinerary

Cuba’s cocktail scene is legendary. This is in no small part thanks to the writing of American author and Nobel prize for literature laureate Ernest Hemingway, who lived just outside of Havana for most of the 1950s. He helped bring Havana’s pre-revolution bars to an international audience, and made their three predominate cocktails household names. Sixty years after Castro’s revolution, the mojito, daiquiri, and Cuba Libre (also called the Cubata) still play a significant role in the country’s culture. Our mojito making lesson allows you to explore some of that culture for yourself. Not only do you get instruction from a local bartender into how to mix the perfect mojito, but you get to enjoy the cocktail that results – so mix carefully – and delight in the Old Havana rooftop location at the same time. Our mojito making lesson has a flexible start time, meaning its easy to slip into your itinerary should you find yourself wanting to experience even more of what the Cuban capital has to offer, and lasts approximately 40 minutes. All the ingredients you’ll require, from the white rum, to the sugar, lime juice, soda water, mint leaves, and ice, are provided, and two drinks are included as part of the lesson.

Our tours are committed to
Supporting the Cuban People through:

  • Having the services of a full time local Cuban guide who you will spend time getting to know on a personal level.
  • Exposing you to the local Cuban people and steering funds toward its citizens. 
  • Allowing you to interact with Cuban’s from all walks of life, having a chance to hear their stories, and share your own. 
  • Eat at a Paladares (privately run restaurants) where meals are included.
  • Focusing on people-to-people interaction and cultural immersion.
  • Patronizing privately owned small businesses in Havana.
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