Havana Afternoon Delight


Walking Tour, Classic Car Ride and Mojito Lesson Approximately 4 Hours Group Size: 2 - 12 People

Our Havana Afternoon Delight Tour

Our group afternoon Havana Tour allows you to unlock the mysteries of Cuba’s capital, quickly allowing you to become beguiled by her charms, and those of the people who are lucky enough to call Havana home.

About our Havana Afternoon Delight Tour

You can say what you like about Cuba’s turbulent history – the history that is well in the past, and that which is somewhat more recent. But it has certainly put this island paradise on the map, giving it an air of mystery and intrigue (which is richly deserved). Cuba is more than a generic, sun-drenched paradise, and has a rich and deeply fascinating cultural history. There is no better place to gain a sense of this country than by exploring the nooks and crannies of her majestic capital city.


Our Havana Afternoon Delight Tour starts at 2:00pm, meeting at a location in the San Francisco de Asis Square.


Approximately 4 hours


Walking & Convertible Classic Car


Local English-speaking Havana tour guide + Mojito Making Lesson (includes 2 x drinks) + Chauffeured Classic Convertible American Car


Our Havana Afternoon Delight Tour finishes at approximately 6:00pm


2 to 12 participants per tour.


Our Group Havana Afternoon Delight Tour departs every day. Our Private Havana Delight Tour is also an option, depending on the time you would like to start.


International flights - all lunches and dinners (unless specified) - travel insurance - accommodation - visa & passport costs - drinks (unless specified) - tips - optional activities - airport taxes.

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Group Havana Afternoon Delight Tour Highlights

Our afternoon tour gets underway at a location very close to the Plaza de San Francisco and the cruise ship terminal in Old Havana, where you will meet your guide. We chose this location due to the ease with which you’ll find it, and the fact that it’s in a stunning part of town is just a happy coincidence. We pride ourselves on being able to give you a comprehensive look at Havana within the space of an afternoon. Even if you only have 4 hours in Havana, we’ll be able to show you the best of the best.

⭐ Your skilled and knowledgeable tour guide will be on hand at all times, so feel free to ask them anything you would like to know – all in English.

⭐ The inhabitants of Old Havana might make you think that you’re watching an elaborate piece of street theatre, but this is just daily life in Cuba’s capital!

⭐ The rich and unique revolutionary history of Cuba is proudly on display.

⭐ The Old Havana portion of the tour will take in a number of sublime plazas, some of the most culturally and historically substantial parts of Cuba.

⭐ Ride in an iconic convertible classic car, taking in the sites of the Malecon, Vedado, Miramar and Revolution Square.

⭐ Visit a Havana roof-top (upstairs) for a Mojito Making Lesson with amazing views of the city.

Most Old Havana hotels and Casa’s are a short walk from the Plaza de San Francisco Square in Old Havana. The cruise ship terminal is also very close to this location. Otherwise you can easily take a taxi from your hotel in other areas of Havana to the Plaza de San Francisco Square for between 5 and 10 CUC.

Group Havana Afternoon Delight Tour Itinerary

If you’re not an early riser (or are only in Havana for an afternoon), our afternoon tour of Havana couldn’t be more perfect. You’ll meet your friendly and knowledgeable guide at 2pm, which even the latest of sleepers can manage! Whether you have a number of days, or only 24 hours, or even just 4 hours in Havana, this tour will show you the absolute best of the city. There are many valid tips for travel to Cuba, but packing comfortable walking shoes is one of the most important. Old Havana Walking Tour: We will take you right into the profound beauty of Havana’s Old Town (La Habana Vieja). This part of Cuba has always been beautiful, although the dishevelled loveliness of the Old Town has been painstakingly restored thanks to the deep pockets of UNESCO (who have officially recognised the significance of this part of the world). Our walk will be exhaustive, though certainly not exhausting, and will take in El Capitolio (the National Capitol Building), the grand former seat of government in Cuba until the Cuban Revolution changed the course of the country’s history. You will also get to see El Floridita, the inviting bar that was the favoured drinking hole for Ernest Hemingway when he was done with writing for the day (or on some days, where he would be instead of writing). The rustic past of Havana combines with modernity on Calle Obispo, one of the main pedestrian thoroughfares of the old town (and also a great place to eat). Havana’s Old Town is essentially laid out around a number of fabulously beautiful public squares, all interconnected by alleyways and narrow streets. We will take pleasure in showing you the delights of the Plaza San Francisco de Asís, Plaza de la Catedral, Plaza de Armas, before concluding at Plaza Vieja. It’s a lot to take in, but as mentioned, there will be ample time to stop and take photos. Classic Car Tour in Havana: As soon as you arrive in Cuba, you will see many examples of what you would consider to be the authentic side of Cuba. Yes, there are brightly-dressed folks wandering along the streets, puffing on over-sized cigars. Sure, there is salsa music everywhere. And of course, there are those glorious vintage cars loudly and proudly patrolling the streets. A remnant of the trade embargo against Cuba, some of these vehicles have been on the road since the 1950s. The next part of your afternoon tour of Havana involves you getting up close and personal with one of these beautiful Classic Cars. You can take in the different sights of Havana more easily on four wheels, and your classic car tour in Havana shows you how the older, more classical parts of the city sit comfortably alongside the newer, sometimes even avant garde socialist architecture of the more modern sections of the city. We’ll drive along the Malecon, visiting Revolution Square before taking in the sights of Vedado and Miramar, once the most opulent part of Havana. The entrancing old mansions of this district are undergoing a rejuvenation, with many of their crumbling facades being restored with the buildings being opened as restaurants, bars, and clubs. This is the sort of place where you can whet your appetite for the best nightlife in Havana, so be sure to ask your guide for their recommendations. Mojito Making Lesson in Old Havana:. Our Havana afternoon tour concludes with something infinitely more relaxed and refined. Even if you only have 4 hours in Havana, you will want to linger during the last part of our tour. There is something utterly magical about seeing the city spread out beneath you, shimmering as the sun begins to slip beneath the horizon. We’ll take you to one of our favourite venues in Havana where you’ll be whisked up to the rooftop to learn how to make a famous Cuban Mojito or non-alcoholic alternative. After the official schedule of your afternoon tour draws to a close, you might wish to get right back out and see more of the city, but nobody is going to blame you if you wish to stay here, perched atop the rooftops of the city, watching as day turns to night…

Our tours are committed to
Supporting the Cuban People through:

  • Having the services of a full time local Cuban guide who you will spend time getting to know on a personal level.
  • Exposing you to the local Cuban people and steering funds toward its citizens. 
  • Allowing you to interact with Cuban’s from all walks of life, having a chance to hear their stories, and share your own. 
  • Eat at a Paladares (privately run restaurants) where meals are included.
  • Focusing on people-to-people interaction and cultural immersion.
  • Patronizing privately owned small businesses in Havana.
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