You won’t find the common staples of rice, beans and fried plantains at Havana’s latest culinary offering… and your minty mohito will come mixed with vodka, and not the traditional white rum.

Don’t expect to be able to order in English (or ever Spanish for that matter), as the waiters speak Russian and expect you to order in Russian as well. Is your Russian a little limited? Not to worry, the menu at the restro-Soviet inspired restaurant comes with a pronunciation guide and translations for all guests.

Nazdarovie (named after the popular Russian Toast), opened last week in Havana and is definitely worth a visit. Given Russia’s and Cuba’s history, it is a surprise their isn’t more of these restaurants scattered around Havana.

Popular dishes include blood red borscht and Ukranian varenyky dumplings, hand-rolled by “babushkas”, born in the Soviet Union but now well entrenched in Cuban society.

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where: The third story of a historic building on the well-known Malecon (sea front)

Check out the Full Article here about Nazdarovie here

Soviet Style Havana restaurant
Cooked vegetables served at the new retro-Soviet restaurant Nazdarovie in Havana

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