Havana Tours

The Peace and Beauty of Havana’s Colon Cemetery

Is it unusual that graveyards and cemeteries can be immensely popular tourist attractions? And yet this is exactly what has happened to many such places around the world. The mammoth Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris can quite literally be clogged … Read More

Welcome to Heaven(Na): Havana Travel Tips You Need to Know

Walking the streets of the Cuban capital is nothing short of a revelation. There’s so much life here, and you might find it difficult to contain your joy as a lovingly maintained 1950’s car chugs past. Sweet aromatic cigar smoke … Read More

Hemingway Tour Cuba – The writer’s love of Cuba

On a Hemingway Tour Cuba we take you on a journey, following the footsteps of one of the worlds greatest writers. The blog below provides a nice background as to what you can expect to learn and discover on our … Read More