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Welcome to our blog on all things Havana. This is a great forum to learn about what is happening in Havana. Up to date events, new restaurant openings, the latest in tours… it all here in our Lively Havana blog! As always, we welcome your comments and feedback!

A Town Unspoiled by Tourism: Welcome to Matanzas Cuba

If you’re a seasoned tourist, you will know that there is one thing that can easily damage the experience of being a tourist. Can you guess what it is? Yes, that’s correct… it’s other tourists. Most alluring photos of stunning tourist attractions are taken with selective angles at opportunistic times that manage to crop out […]

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The Easy Guide to Booking a Casa Particular in Cuba

Booking your accommodation for a holiday can almost bring on an anxiety attack. How big are the rooms? How old are the photos of the hotel? What is the difference between a Junior Presidential Suite and a Junior Prime Ministerial Suite? Shouldn’t we just stay home and drink wine instead of going on holiday? The […]

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5 Secret Places in Havana Which You’ve May Never Heard Of

You probably know of some amazing hidden spaces in your own town or city. Places that only a handful of other people know about. Places that would stay out of the guidebooks about your home. OK, so not every town or city has a guidebook, and sometimes this is for the best (which you will […]

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Havana Architecture: The History of the City Through Its Buildings

Some forms of government have a lot to answer for when it comes to a lack of imagination in architecture. The finger could be pointed at a number of the former communist states of Europe. Say what you like about the politics that were at play, but gosh, a lot of the architecture was boring. […]

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What Are The Best Activities to Do With Children When Visiting Havana?

The Cuban capital might not seem like a place with a lot of obvious kid-friendly activities, but this is not the case. Kids will delight in doing many of the things you’ll want to do, such as strolling around Havana’s Old Town and delighting in the beauty of the vibrantly coloured and yet somewhat disheveled […]

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How to Spend a Romantic Holiday in Havana

Paris might be internationally regarded as the city of love, and this is one of the key contributing factors to a condition known as Paris syndrome. Have you heard of it? It’s classified as a transient psychological disorder that affects a small number of visitors to the French capital when they realise that Paris… well… […]

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9 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Next Trip To Cuba

There are some currency quirks and general money matters that you really need to be aware of when you travel. Sure, you need some of the local currency, but even that might not feel like it’s so important. In many destinations you can still just pay with your credit or debit card as you would […]

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Tips and Things to Do in Havana: Ultimate Guide for First-time Visitors

A cultural change, when an entire region or even country seems to undergo some sort of tangible shift will usually take time. It might take years, or even generations. While Germany might have become one big happyish family after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the country is still divided in some ways. The former […]

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Don’t Get Jealous! 20 Photos of Cuba That Will Make You Book Your Flight Right Now

Once upon a time, looking at someone else’s holiday photos was seen as a chore. This is because you had to sit down and physically look at each photo, usually while arranging your face in a way that made it look like you were interested. This suitable facial expression got more difficult the more photos […]

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Shopping in Havana: An Exercise in Enjoyment, Rather Than Endurance

Is shopping something to be endured or enjoyed? If you’re shopping in Havana, trust us, it’s going to be the latter (even if you’re someone who generally needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into a shopping mall). Because shopping in the Cuban capital is a vastly different experience to the sanitised, same old shopping […]

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