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Welcome to our blog on all things Havana. This is a great forum to learn about what is happening in Havana. Up to date events, new restaurant openings, the latest in tours… it all here in our Lively Havana blog! As always, we welcome your comments and feedback!

9 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Next Trip To Cuba

There are some currency quirks and general money matters that you really need to be aware of when you travel. Sure, you need some of the local currency, but even that might not feel like it’s so important. In many destinations you can still just pay with your credit or debit card as you would […]

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Tips and Things to Do in Havana: Ultimate Guide for First-time Visitors

A cultural change, when an entire region or even country seems to undergo some sort of tangible shift will usually take time. It might take years, or even generations. While Germany might have become one big happyish family after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the country is still divided in some ways. The former […]

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Don’t Get Jealous! 20 Photos of Cuba That Will Make You Book Your Flight Right Now

Once upon a time, looking at someone else’s holiday photos was seen as a chore. This is because you had to sit down and physically look at each photo, usually while arranging your face in a way that made it look like you were interested. This suitable facial expression got more difficult the more photos […]

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Shopping in Havana: An Exercise in Enjoyment, Rather Than Endurance

Is shopping something to be endured or enjoyed? If you’re shopping in Havana, trust us, it’s going to be the latter (even if you’re someone who generally needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into a shopping mall). Because shopping in the Cuban capital is a vastly different experience to the sanitised, same old shopping […]

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Seven Days in Havana: A Wonderful Week in the Cuban Capital

You might think that seven days in Havana will be enough to see the best that the Cuban capital has to offer. You will certainly be able to see a lot, since in the grand scheme of things, Havana is not a huge city. But when your time in the city is winding up, you […]

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Beyond the Luxury: Amazing Places to Visit in Varadero

If Varadero is your first port of call upon arrival in Cuba, you might be a little surprised. This is not the beautifully dilapidated and vibrantly coloured Cuba that has graced countless holiday brochures. It’s still stunning though, with stretches of white sand and more luxury resorts than you can count. These resorts are geared […]

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Explore Cuba by Yourself: 8 Top Tips for the Solo Adventurer

There are some countries where it’s kind of easy to be a solo traveller. If you go the UK or New Zealand, you’re going to be just fine. Both countries are compact and easy enough to navigate, and everyone speaks English. There are also places like Denmark, which is again compact and easy to navigate. […]

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Those Magnificent Mojitos: The Best Bars in Havana

What’s your drink of choice when you head out for an evening on the town? If you’re on a budget, then you might stick to good old beer, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Perhaps cocktails are your preferred indulgence? While we don’t want to encourage binge drinking, if you tend to enjoy a number […]

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Romance and Romanticism: The Most Romantic Spots in All of Havana

The idea of romance can be relative. Some people might find it incredibly romantic when their beloved brings home a pizza without being asked. Other people might need a candlelit room, a bed covered with rose petals, and cheesy love songs playing softly on the stereo. There’s something about going on holiday that puts you […]

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Cuba’s Carefree Capital: What Havana Is Known for Other Than Rum and Revolutions

You can probably imagine yourself in Havana right now. Strutting along sun-drenched cobblestone streets as sultry salsa music plays. Yes, it’s going to be like that, but what is Havana know for other than these usual suspects? There are many layers to the Cuban capital, a place with a history that is rich and sometimes […]

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